Using Indicators to Understand Neighborhoods

Vital Signs data indicators provide a unique opportunity for anyone to engage with local community-level data to enhance learning about Baltimore.

Do you teach? Instructors across a variety of disciplines, ranging from real estate to public health, have incorporated data into their curriculum through lectures, in-class exercises and homework assignments. See Instructor Resources for learning modules and tools that faculty members can easily incorporate into their teaching.

Are you a student? Students at various levels  have also used BNIA-JFI data to better understand Baltimore and enhance their projects and research with local community-level data. Join our Learning Community  to connect with other students working with BNIA-JFI data, and check out other students’ projects.

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Share tips, problem solve, and pose questions to BNIA-JFI staff about incorporating data into your teachings and research.

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Instructor Resources

Check out sample learning modules that include assignments, learning assessments, readings and data visualization and analytical tools that faculty members can easily incorporate into their curriculum.

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Student Projects

Explore student-submitted projects to see how undergraduate and graduate students are using BNIA data to inform their research on local issues.

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