Donate to BNIA-JFI

BNIA-JFI is dedicated to improving the quality of life in Baltimore City neighborhoods by ensuring access to accurate, reliable community-based data and indicators for everyone to make results-based decisions about their neighborhoods. Help us keep this resource free and available to the public.

In 2013 BNIA-JFI assisted in over 250 pro-bono requests for assistance with data, mapping, and community resources. These requests came from students, residents, and non-profits, locally and nationally. Supporting BNIA allows us to continue to support Baltimore’s data users.

Suggested Donations

Any amount is greatly appreciated, however, BNIA-JFI has established four donation tiers for supporters:

$50 – Friend of BNIA-JFI
$100 – Community Member of BNIA-JFI
$500 – Ally of BNIA-JFI
$1,000+ – Partner of BNIA-JFI

If you have any questions about donations, please contact us. We appreciate your support!