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Excel Data Downloads

Suitable for all users, this master Excel file contains all of our Vital Signs indicators, by year of release. This master file contains the full name of the indicator, values for Baltimore City and all 55 of the Community Statistical Areas (CSAs), and shortened indicator names. Shortened indicator names are suitable for bringing the data into statistical and database software packages, such as Microsoft Access, SAS, or SPSS.

[ Download 2010-2020 Excel file (911 kb) ]

* Please note, BNIA is staggering its release of Vital Signs 20 indicators (2020) due to data source publishing schedules. The above download does not contain 2020 data for all indicators. When data is published, a new master Excel file will be created and made available for download. Thank you for your understanding!

Historic Vital Signs Data Tables

Looking for data prior to 2010? You can access the historic Vital Signs data tables below. The data is available in Excel tables, for each chapter, and is formatted for print publication. Line charts for each indicator are also available in the Excel workbooks.

[ Download 2000-2010 Zip File (1 MB) ]




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