Since the Federal Opportunity Zones (OZ) where announced in 2017, there has been both welcome anticipation and also not insignificant anxiety about the impact that these kinds of funds could have on Baltimore’s communities. The OZs were announced at about the same time as Mayor Pugh’s Neighborhood Impact Investment Fund, which is great news with respect to bringing resources into Baltimore’s marginalized communities.

But from the vantage of the communities that we have been working with in Baltimore since 2000, every community wants on the one hand to continuously attract investment and development but on the other hand be able to have an equal voice with respect to how that can happen over the long term. We have been working with communities to better understand the data that developers and investors are also looking at to advocate for changes that will empower them to be equal partners in the vision for their neighborhoods that development could help implement.

To help connect these different stakeholders, we’ve put together an interactive mapping tool that can help anyone see where Baltimore’s OZ’s are in relation to the NIIF areas, community indicators in the Vital Signs report and active Community Development Corporations (CDCs) that can help bring forward the neighborhoods objectives.

Putting Baltimore’s OZ’s in Context Interactive Mapping Tool

See how to use the Opportunity Zone Interactive Map to answer questions about how all of these areas overlap in communities.

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